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Posted on Thursday, November 24 2011 by Emperor
The Romancing Star II (1988) - 精裝追女仔之2
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Description: As a low-ranking director in Channel 9, Liu Pat’s uncle, Liu Ting-Ken, owns a motor company with two employees, Mocking Face and Traffic Light, who have been yearning very much to become TV actors. With his wit and inborn gag talent, Liu Pat turns the stations programs tremendously vivid and colorful, bringing more and more audience turning to Channel 9. However, this makes the boss of Channel 8 very angry, and he orders to get back the audience by hook or by crook…
Language: English
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 93 minutes
Release Date: January 21, 1988
Director: Wong Jing
Cast: Andy Lau, Stanley Fung, Eric Tsang, Natalis Chan, Wong Wan-Si, Carina Lau, Wong Jing, Charlie Cho, Chow Yun-Fat, Ho Ka-Kui, Hui Ying-Sau, Elizabeth Lee, Alan Tam
Genre: Romance, Comedy

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